Cleaning and washing:

the first step in the oil extraction process is cleaning and washing the olives. The cleaning stage consists in removing leaves and other foreign materials which may compromise the organoleptic qualities of oil. In this stage, only drinking water is used to clean the olives, in order to achieve the highest hygienic standard. Cleaning is required to remove dirt and dust particles.


the product processing involves the most modern Pieralisi technologies. All stages – from milling to product output – are sealed against external environment. The different stages of the process can be inspected through glass components within the plant, over the machines.
Our plant allows us to achieve the cold extraction of oil.
Why is it so important?
Because it keeps the nutritional and physical characteristics of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, maintaining the quantity of minerals, vitamins and all the elements rich in anti-oxidant properties for our body.
Why did we choose the cold pressing?
Our choice is quality-oriented. We want to preserve the essence of the fruit, so you can use it in your kitchen with confidence.

Fertility safeguard

the oil produced by Plumeri’s Farm derives from Organic Farming.
To ensure a premium quality oil, we do not use chemical fertilizers, but we take care of soil fertility using green manure.
This technique consists in cultivating plants which will be tilled into the ground at the highest stage of their ripening, replenishing valuable nutritional elements and maximizing the soil fertility.
At our Farm, we use the Sulla plant, almost exclusively cultivated in Sicilia. Sulla is a top quality catch crop, able to restore the right carbon/nitrogen ratio in the soil, with a large addition of organic substances.

Some pictures of Plumeri’s Farm