These General Conditions of Sale concern the remote purchase of products, done via network on the website, which belongs to Alessandro Plumeri Azienda Agricola (hereinafter referred to as Azienda Agricola Plumeri), based in Villalba (CL). Each purchase will be regulated under the provisions of DLgs. 185/99, DLgs. 206/05; any information related to the conclusion of such a contract is subject to Art. 12 of DLgs. 70/03, whereas any aspect related to the protection of privacy is subject to the legislation of DLgs. 196/03.


Sales Contracts for products sold at website are deemed to have been concluded when the Purchase Order is transferred from the Costumer to Azienda Agricola Plumeri and the latter accepts it. Azienda Agricola Plumeri will send the Purchase Order Receipt to the customer in a timely manner.
With the online submission of their Purchase Order, the customer declares having read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions and shall observe and comply with them for their relationship with Azienda Agricola Plumeri.


Azienda Agricola Plumeri, as per Art. 13 of DLgs 196/2003 informs that personal and tax details acquired, even verbally, with reference to the commercial relationships established, directly provided by the interested parties, or otherwise acquired in the context of the Company’s business, will be treated in compliance with the aforementioned legislation, included confidentiality obligations arising from them.
In relation to the aforementioned details, the rights may be exercised in accordance with Art. 7 e of DLgs. 196/2003.


The Customer must read these General Conditions of Sales thoroughly before submitting their Purchase Order. The submission of the Purchase Order implies the complete knowledge and acceptance of these Conditions.
Eventually, at the end of online purchase process, the Customer must print and store these General Conditions of Sale, already read and accepted during the conclusion of contract.


Submitting the online order, the Customer sends to Azienda Agricola Plumeri a purchase proposal of the product or the products in the shopping cart. When the Customer makes an online order for the products in the shopping cart, they accept to purchase them at the price and under the terms provisioned within these General Condition of Sale.
Azienda Agricola Plumeri will notify the Customer about the order acceptance and confirmation.
In particular, Azienda Agricola Plumeri will not accept orders:
if the materials are not available in stock at the moment of order and/or if the Customer cannot or will not pay using Credit Cards (PayPal) or Bank Transfers.


The Customer purchases the product, whose characteristics are shown online within their descriptive and technical cards, at the price specified therein, plus the delivery costs as specified within the website.
All sales prices are in Euro and include VAT.
Availability of products may vary, due to the actual presence of the products at the Company.
For a clarification or suggestions related to the products, the Customer may contact Azienda Agricola Plumeri via email at or a private message on the official Facebook Page.
Before the submission of the Purchase Order, the unit cost of each selected product is summarized, as well as the overall cost in case of purchasing multiple products and the related delivery costs.
Once the Purchase Order has been submitted, the Customer will receive an email by Azienda Agricola Plumeri, confirming the Purchase Order receipt and containing information about the primary characteristics of the item purchased, the detailed price, the delivery costs, the applicable taxes and the means of payment.


The Customer may pay the amount due choosing from one of the following methods.
Payment via Credit Card: if the Customer wishes to pay via Credit Card, they can use the payment process provided by PayPal, which ensures the protection of the Customer’s data. For more information and further Agreements, the Costumer should visit PayPal website at
Payment via Bank Transfer: this payment may be made using the following details:

Bank: Unicredit s.p.a.
IBAN: IT57R0200883480000300084911

Whenever the payment is made via Bank Transfer, the purchased good will be shipped under the provisions of the next paragraph “Products Delivery”, to the address provided by the Customer, once the receipt of the credit, therefore within two/five days in average after the Bank Transfer (timing varies according to the Bank). To facilitate this process, the Customer may email the receipt of payment


The purchased item is delivered by courier to the address provided by the Customer during the online order process. Any specific needs must be communicated by the Customer to Azienda Agricola Plumeri.
Delivery costs vary according to the weight of products purchased.
Shipping Carriers used:
SDA and UPS for Italy
UPS of the rest of the world
The order will be shipped after the payment receipt. Orders placed on weekends (by Saturday at 8:00 PM) will be processed the next Monday morning; if the order is placed on Sundays, the shipment will take place the next Tuesday morning.


Products purchased at website are subject to the Consumer Goods Legislation. Products delivered comply with the characteristics indicated online in the related descriptive and technical cards.
Azienda Agricola Plumeri is liable towards the Costumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of item delivery. However, the goods are transported on behalf of and at risk of the Customer, therefore Azienda Agricola Plumeri will not be liable for any delay or damage in connection with the carriage. If the package received is visibly damaged, the Customer must collect it signing the receipt as “Accepted with reservations”, otherwise no refunds could be issued.


The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal. In particular, the Customer has the right to withdraw from any contract concluded with Azienda Agricola Plumeri, without any penalty and without specifying the reason thereof, within 7 (seven) working days from the receipt of the good.
The right to withdrawal is recognized to the consumer for any good purchased on the website.
However, products may be returned if not opened and used. They must be shipped in the original packaging. Shipment costs for the product return shall be borne by the Customer. Products must be packaged properly. Azienda Agricola Plumeri will issue the refund once the products are received and checked for integrity.


In the case of total or partial non-payment of the purchase price of the good, Azienda Agricola Plumeri reserves the right to declare, as provisioned by Art. 1456 of Italian Civil Code, the termination of this Contract, by emailing a written note to the Customer.


For any complaints or clarification, the Customer shall write to The Customer will be contacted again for clarifications within 3 (three) working days from the request.


This Contract is regulated by Italian law. Jurisdiction and the exclusive Court for any legal action taken by the Customer under the foregoing express warranty or any further legal warranties will be the Court of Caltanissetta. If Azienda Agricola Plumeri wins a lawsuit, the counterpart shall refund any expenses, including attorney fees, and the costs of the proceedings incurred by Azienda Agricola Plumeri for its own defense.
In any case, an out-of-court resolution may be found at the Europa website

All matters not specifically covered in this Contract shall be settled in accordance with the rules of the current Italian law.